Hello all!

Last years conference was truly amazing and we were so awed by community enthusiasm and support. You make it all possible. We’re very excited to about this years conference and want to kick things off by announcing our rebrand from Vimconf.live → Neovimconf.live As integral members of our community, we want to take a minute to explain why.

“Why the change?”

In our two years running, the overwhelming majority of community members who have presented or wanted to present are Neovim users. Close to 80% of our discord community are Neovim users. All the organizers are Neovim users. Questions often arose over the past two years that; “if you’re a self-titled vimconf then why is the overwhelming majority of content about Neovim?“ We didn’t set out for that to be the case, but that has and is the reality. To that end we decided to update the name to be more in line with the content.

“But I love Vim!”

We do too! Our conference will always be a space for vim just as much as it is for any other editor and we are always thrilled to have any speakers and attendees participate who are interested and looking for vim content. “So will there only be Neovim content going forward?” Definitely not. In fact, going forward we plan to showcase speakers and communities across many different editors out there and be a space to share editors across the spectrum (vim, neovim, helix, emacs, zed etc.) We love editors of all distros and aim to be a conference to celebrate them all!